100W Mono Flexible Solar Panel

产品介绍  Product Introduction


It’s an ultra-thin, flexible solar panel made from a monocrystalline silicon cell, and its main selling point is: high efficiency, light weight, thin depth flexible, both appearance and quality are excellent, very convenient installation, can directly use silica gel adhesion, do not need the installing support, the surface uses ETFE material encapsulation (the buyer can choose to use PET material), can prevent salt spray corrosion, very suitable for the roof, RV, yacht installation.

产品细节  Product Details


产品参数  Product Parameters

型号(Article Number) JXY-E100M
类型(Type) 柔性太阳能板(Flexible Solar Panel)
最大功率(Pmax) 100(W)
工作电压(Vmp) 18(V)
开路电压(Voc) 22(V)
工作电流(Imp) 5.55(A)
短路电流(Isc) 5.83(A)
系统最大电压(Max System Voltage) 600(V)
防水等级(IP Rating) IP67
尺寸(Size) 1170*510*2.8MM
重量(Weight) 1.95kg
电池材料(Battery Material) Monocrystalline Silicon
表面材料(Surface Material) ETFE
插头(Plug) MC4
电缆规格(Cable) 长度(Length)0.9M,线径(Wire Diameter)5.5MM
接线盒(Junction Box) PV-XC502
产品认证(Certification) CE,FCC,RoHS