100W Mono Foldable Solar Panel

产品介绍  Product Introduction


This is a portable foldable solar panel using monocrystalline silicon cell material, and its main selling point is: high efficiency, light weight, fashion, appearance and quality coexist, folding, portable, ready to charge mobile phones, laptops, batteries and other devices, very portable and practical, can be customized according to the buyer’s requirements.

产品细节  Product Details

产品参数  Product Parameters

型号(Article Number) JXY-M100E5
类型(Type) 可折叠太阳能板(Foldable Solar Panel)
最大功率(Pmax) 100(W)
工作电压(Vmp) 18(V)
开路电压(Voc) 22.4(V)
工作电流(Imp) 5.55(A)
短路电流(Isc) 5.83(A)
系统最大电压(Max System Voltage) 600(V)
防水等级(IP Rating) IP67
展开尺寸(Open Size) 2010*405*5MM
折叠尺寸(Folding Size) 405*370*35MM
重量(Weight) 4.35kg
电池材料(Battery Material) Monocrystalline Silicon
表面材料(Surface Material) ETFE
插头(Plug) 安德森(Anderson)
产品认证(Certification) CE,FCC,RoHS
质保(Warranty) 3年(3 years)